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About HUDA Gurgaon

DLF5’s focus on the environment and ecology encourages sustainability in various forms. Besides acres of sustainably maintained greenery, DLF created history by conducting possibly the largest “Tree-transplantation” exercise in South-East Asia at the DLF Golf and Country Club on the occasion of Earth Day in April 2012 In a first of its kind initiative, over 250 mature trees were prepared and transplanted to another location using the latest technology and equipment. Tree Transplantation requires extensive horticulture expertise. A city based landscape agency was hired along with International experts from Australia. The experts performed a series of activities like – Soil Testing, Tree preparation which involves root preparation/pruning, Root Excavation, Burlapping of root zone to hold the root ball together, Application of root zone mix, Leaf stripping in order to reduce the stress, Tree anchoring and Branch bracing so the branches do not snap during transportation.

The planting procedure involved preparation of planting hole, tree support – anchored with steel ropes, mulching – to cover the soil surface against any erosion or extreme damage to top root zone, watering – a watering basin is constructed with soil around the perimeter of the root ball, creating a drainage system – inspection pipes were installed in the four corners of the planting hole in order to avoid any waterlogging problems and regular maintenance practices such as weeding, cleaning, spraying pesticides to prevent any disease attack. A state of the art misting irrigation system was installed to create a more favorable environment during the tree healing process. The transplantation contractor has also been retained by DLF to provide post-transplant maintenance, consulting and ensuring a long life for the trees.

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